Is there a bluetooth app that does this...

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    Hi all,

    I am looking to make use of an older unactivated g'zone device as my GPS and media player / bluetooth mounted on my motorcycle while keeping my main device in my pocket / safekeeping (HTC M8). I like the fact that its waterproof and can do more than a garmin/tomtom

    So my question is, is there an app that can

    - Forward texts from my M8 to the G'zone
    - Forward Calls "" ""
    - Make calls via wired headset to g'zone, via M8 bluetooth

    Essentially turning the G'zone into a clone of the m8 for texts and calls. I already WiFi tether and can can run pandora and such from the g'zone. I know this would be much easier just mounting the m8 and using it as all of the above but I dont like any of the mounts available for it and rather not chance a $600 device to water or become roadkill.

    Anyone?? Someone has to have wanted to make use of their old phones as clones that can make calls/receive texts via bluetooth!!!