Is my phone fried?!

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    Alright, I put my original Verizon Droid on eBay, and 5 minutes later it sold. I had it rooted so I knew I had to unroot it before I shipped it. I'm pretty sure I had 2.2 FRG22D on it, and I found an unroot guide which had me download an FRG22D sbf file and use RSDLite to flash it, seemed pretty easy. It goes through the process, and at 99% it says Flashing failed or something to the sort but it still says SW update on my phone, and then I started freaking out. I closed out of RSDLite and and it still said SW update on my Droid so I pulled out the battery and put it back in and it says Bootloader blah blah at the top and then Code Corrupt under it, and something like Battery OK, ect. I tried flashing it again and it did the same thing, and then while I was looking online my phone changed to Battery low cannot program. Fml! Tomorrow my buddy is coming over so I can put my battery in his phone to charge it and try flashing again but is that all I can do to try and fix it is so keep reflashing? Please help!!

    This was the guide I used to unroot:
    Here is a guide.
    A. A stock sbf file
    2.0 VZW_A855_ESD20_QSC6085BP_C_01.3B.01P_SW_UPDATE.sbf
    2.0.1 VZW_A855_ESD56_QSC6085BP_C_01.3E.01P_SW_UPDATE_03. sbf
    2.1VZW_A855_ESE81_QSC6085BP_C_01.3E.03P_SW_UPDATE_02. sbf
    2.2 (FRG01B) f
    2.2 (FRG22D) VZW_A855_FRG22D_QSC6085BP_C_01.4..sbf

    B. (RSDLite 4.6)

    C. Current Motorola Drivers

    Make sure you download the correct drivers for your system either 32bit or 64bit

    1. Download all of the files above including the 32-bit OR 64-bit Motorola USB Drivers.
    2. Install RSDLite AND the 32-bit or 64-bit Motorola USB Drivers (Depends on your system most will need 32-bit some will need 64-bit)
    3. Connect your phone to USB and turn it off then turn it back on, while your phone is booting hold up on the DPAD. (Some users have said it is easier to hold the volume down button and camera button instead.)
    4. Run RSD Lite 4.6 as Administrator (For all you Vista and 7 folks out there. If you are using XP you may not need to run as Administrator)
    5. Click the ... next to the filename box and browse to where you saved the .sbf file and double click the .sbf file.
    6. Hit start and below it should give you completion progress and all of that.
    7. Once your phone is done being flashed (It may take a while so don't unplug it) it will reboot and you will be back at stock no root.
    8. Done
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    Two questions;

    First, did the new thread fix your issue? Second, why didn't you look here first on how to unroot your Droid? :)
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