Is moto x a downgrade from s4?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by jamjr74, Aug 26, 2013.

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    I've had the s4 since launch and love the phone but I like to swap phones frequently and usually grab the newest device. I am intrigued by the moto x but have never been a huge moto guy. That being said this device does not strike me as the usual moto device! Am I downgrading from my s4 if I grab this device? Specs say yes but it's not always about the specs!

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    I would go to a store and check one out before making the change. Seems to me this would be a personal decision based upon how one uses a phone, but kind of hard to tell ahead of actually handling and using both.
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    Exactly what you say, specs say yes, but I think it all comes down to user experience. User experience is what Moto is pushing with this device and their other devices, and I personally like that direction. They've voluntarily taken themselves out of the "spec race" to provide a more refined and intuitive user experience, something that I personally felt came second until recently. Hardware has hit a plateau and I think Moto realized that, so they're changing their direction in aiming more towards the general public AND at the same time providing a great experience to the tech-savvy.

    As SFGate suggests you may want to check it out in the store, but it may not be a fair comparison either. In the store you're under pressure with time, sales rep, and you can't customize it the way you like your phone to be set up. So in turn, you think of more of the cons than the pros when you demo in the store. Went through the same issue with the Lumia 928 last month, and at the time the cons far outweighed the pros. I had the rep breathing down my shoulder waiting to take the unit to the back (they only have display units now), I couldn't customize it the way I want, I couldn't really try out any apps I would normally use, etc. At least that's how my experience went with a potential phone of a different make and OS, your switch won't be so drastic.

    So if you can check it out in the store and if possible I recommend you take it home for a demo within the return window. After all, you need to set things up the way you like before you really decide you like it or not. I can tell you I liked my s4 more on day 3 than I did on day 1 when I had everything I want it just right and the way I wanted.
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