Is it me or does the most locked down carrier

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    Is it me or does it seem like the most locked down carrier as far as phones are concerned seems to have the most percentage of users running roms/rooted. It could be me but when i see phones on other carriers that are wide open they have their share of development but its like the moment vzw gets it in the hands it's like development just takes off and doesn't stop. Part of it is vzw is the largest carrier but I think the other part is the rebel angle. Because vzw put so much emphasis on trying to lock them down people seem more interested in cracking it. Its like a race to see who can crack it first followed by the race to see who can bring the baddest rom to the device. Its like since the dx and d2 there has been this build up of emotions about the journey of getting the next vzw android bootloader unlocked. This makes me ask could the community actually be benefitting from carriers locking the bootloaders or have they just relegated to putting a general lock to protect the average users but basically making it a little easier for developers to find the key?
    By the way I am not trying to undermind what the devs who unlocked the bootloaders have done. But if carriers and oems really wanted to encrypt the bootloaders where it was nearly impossible to crack I believe they could do so easily. <---again that is just my opinion.

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