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Discussion in 'Iphone on VZW' started by livetoskateaz, Feb 19, 2011.

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    okay well i just got the iphone 4 about an hour ago because i was due for an upgrade today and well, i had 200 bucks to spend...plus i haven't had a chance to play with one since they have came out...
    I have found only two things that this phone can do that most android devices can't do, and or have.
    1. it has a lot of multitouch points that most android based phones don't
    2. it has some cool apps but hardly any that are impressive and fun are free such as ocarina and well thats about it.

    so i will be returning this hunk of junk so i can get the TB when it comes out here in about a week or so...

    the Iphone operating system is complete crap compared to even the early android phones its way to complicated to do even a simply process!!!

    don't get me wrong its a real slick and stylish phone but it's just not for me and after about 2 years of being on android i am completely spoiled so a long story short i am an android lifer for sure now!!dancedroid
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    planet earth
    how dare you... what were you thinking?? Itunes?? please.. ;)

    Thunderbolt all the way... glad you came to your senses.