Inverted Gmail Question??

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    Sorry if this is a waste of a new thread but I have been unable to install the inverted gmail app that I always use. If anyone has any suggestions as to why please let me know. I have tried deleting the old one from system and flashing an for the new. I have left the old one there and flashed the file. I renamed the gmail file to .bak and flashed the new one. But no matter what I do I end up with the stock SS gmail app eventhough I am flashing an inverted one. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I am just so used to having an inverted one and I cant figure this one out.

    I also need to say that I just flashed this rom last night and so far Chevy I am loving it. The first rom, and longest rom, I ever ran after rooting was SS 4.6 and it feels good to be back experiencing some SS blue again!!!

    EDIT: I also have tried removing it via root explorer and using Chevy tools to do so.
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