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    hopefully this will help shed some light on the whole internet order process:

    when you order a phone via our website, it is an entirely automated process. there is no wizard of oz on the other side that submits the order to the warehouse. that is done automatically as soon as you click the "submit order" button. usually there are no issues with online order, but occasionally orders "fall out" of the queue, for whatever reason, and this is where most issues come from.

    when an order "falls out" of the online system, it then gets handled by one of our fall out teams. the sole job of these groups of individuals is to re-process these orders and get them re-transmitted back to the warehouse. there are 4 areas in the company, 3 area fall out teams (west, midest/south, northeast). unfortunately, there is no way to re-insert your order back into its original place in the line of orders at the warehouse. orders at the warehouse are processed in the order that they are received.

    that being said, some warehouses are more impacted than others. either due to quantity of devices available, or due to overwhelming volume. this is where different shipping schedules come from. i live in the west area, and my order was processed and shipped in about a 2 hour period. that being said, if say the northeast or midwest warehouses have a higher volume of orders, or a lower quantity of devices, orders may get pushed back to a later date.

    i simplified my explanation as there are more details than this, but thats the main ideas of internet sales.

    hope this helps.
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