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    Here is what i have available at this time we are currently using wildblue satellite which sucks it was the upgrade from dial up. Most of the time I have 1 bar on my 3g on my Verizon droid which is nice when it works. I use this alot for my laptop connection. So i have hugesnet satellite a friend gave me he no longer uses. my droid which i use for internet sometimes and hptx1000 labtop that im not using i know They have 3g extenders Im wondering what would be the best way to go about using one or making a booster for my phone. and if i could hook it up to a satellite to improve the reception of the 3g extender. wondering what i would have to buy besides 3g extender of if there is any way i could just tear the droid apart and connect it to the satellite or something. I would add another line before doing this just for this reason alone.