Internal Pointer to Market Apps Trashed after Boot

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    I have a Droid 1 that is running version 2.2.2 build FRG83G. This phone is rooted, but I am running the stock OS. I have had this configuration for many months and until last night, have had no problems. I have not installed any new apps in over a week.

    Last night the phone froze on me while using the stock GMail app. I powered down the phone and rebooted. After the boot, some icons were missing from the home page and a couple of the the apps (not widgets) themselves were gone. I thought that maybe it was because these were moved by App2SD to the SD card, though I have never had a problem with these before. When I went to "Manage Applications", these programs had a file name and an unusual icon. I could not bring up the app to uninstall it. I tried to uninstall an app that appeared to be ok and only resided on the phone and could not. I went to the Market to install one of the 'disappeared' apps. The status was Free, but when I went to install the Install button was grayed out and unresponsive. I rebooted, but no change. The strange thing was with the exception of the Market app, all 'stock' apps seem to work fine and were unaffected.

    I then booted into SPR recovery, and wiped data several times and reset to factory. The phone booted up and I went through the 'activation" process.

    I then downloaded and installed one app. I rebooted the phone and the app disappeared and the same problems identified in the prior paragraph appeared.

    I then removed the battery for 5 minutes and went through recovery, but the problem persists.

    I went through the recovery process again and loaded just the most essential apps I need to get me through a couple of days. Hopefully, I will not have to re-boot.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what happened and what I can do to fix the problem?

    Thank you in advance.
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