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    I've had my phone rooted for about 4 months using the BB 2.2Froyo ROM and been pretty happy with it. The big complaint I had was when I rotated the phone 90 degrees, it would take about 10 seconds to reload the home screen. Hoping that a new ROM would fix this, I decided I would try to change.

    After talking to another guy online, he suggested I use "ROM Manager" from the Market. He recommended I buy the premium version ($5) and install a ChevyNo1 ROM. So I downloaded the trial to make sure I could get it to work before spending $5. Since ChevyNo1 ROM is a premium ROM (need to pay before can download), I installed stock 2.2 FRG01B ROM and checked the rooted option. That installed fine.

    Since that worked GREAT, I decided I would buy the premium version so I could get the ROM that I wanted (and it was so easy). I choose to download ChevyNo1 ROM > Simply Stunning FROYO v4.8 > SS Blue Theme > No OCed Kernel > No Theme or Live Wallpaper > No Launcher Options > No ROM addons. I can choose either "Backup Existing ROM" or "Wipe Data and Cache" because it doesn't matter. Then I get an error that says, "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!" and then it goes back to the main ROM Manager screen.

    To me, it seems like I don't have root access, but I DO have the super user ninja. But when I try to run "BusyBox Installer" it crashes. When I try to run "ShootMe" it says "Failed to start server. Please check that you have ROOT access on your device and enabled access to the lower level graphics." That's why I think I don't have root access.

    So I decided I would download the unrooted stock file (from the link in this video: ) and install it the old way by booting into recovery. But it aborts when loading. I'm too scared to wipe the data b/c I don't want to brick my phone.

    Can anyone help me get ChevyNo1 ROM onto my phone? If that means I need to go back to stock first, that's fine. I just want my phone back.
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    If you still have the super user icon but apps that need root will not work, then you just lost root access, use link 3 in my sig to reroot

    Edit: you won't b rick your droid by wiping Data, and if you want to unroot 1st use link 4 in my sig then link 3 to reroot
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