Installing, Moving, etc. Apps on SD.. ??HELP??

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    Hi All,

    So I am a Newb on the Droid OS. I just got this Hero about a month ago. So checking out all of the apps on the market I realized that there stored in the phones memory. BOO. You can't put enough apps on it before your phone gets bogged down due to lack of memory.You know when you're starting to yell at the Stupid Smartphone.

    I've been looking into running/storing apps on the SD. I'm running into a bit of trouble finding any functioning apps that can do that. Everytime I end up trying to either install say MoveToSD, or App2SD, etc. I get a parser error either installing from the Market or with a different download installing from SD.

    I already rooted it, what else do I gotta do to get it working? Is there any standard way to do it? If there is what is the procedure?

    I must be missing something, simple.

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