Installing developer (test) app.

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    I built the "HelloLinearLayout" from the droid tutorial. It runs fine on the emulator. I now really need to get this to run on the phone, but have been unsuccessful.

    I'm using a Verizon Motorola phone with 2.1 and a windows laptop for the SDK. I have a bit of experience programming, but absolutely none with phones.

    I put the file on the sd card. I dismounted the pc drive. I then used ASTRO file manager to locate the file on the phone and attempt to install it. The install button does not come up.

    I have set the phone to allow third party apps.
    I have downloaded the file many times.

    When I select App Manager from ASTRO, I get no install button, but instead get two tabs that read "summary" and "details." All items under "summary" are empty. When I click "details" I get:

    Could not open /sdcard/DCIM/HelloLinearLayout.apk as APK file

    Again, I have downloaded the file numerous times.
    I have set the phone to allow third party apps.
    I dismount the drive before attempting to load the app.

    Is it necessary for me to sign a test app that I'm just trying out on my own phone?