Installing a language support & Rooting

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    Hey guys ... I have a samsung galaxy s2 & i need to read & write easily in arabic . I want to keep the phone in english but i can't read my messages written in arabic & the browser also can't show arabic letters .... My friends send me jokes by msn & can't read them :( ..
    So where can i get this ??
    Is Rooting needed ??
    I need to root my android but i still afraid about that , i need to install apps on my sd card . Can it be safe for me to do this ?? I'm just 16 & i'm a technologie lover ( not an idiot ) and i'm new for android . I'm still confused .
    I really love my phone but that problem of rooting & language annoys me
    Plz help
    kind regards ,
    NB : Sorry for bad english
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