Innocell 2600/2800mAh Extended Life Battery Important Information

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    Important Notice for Innocell 2600/2800mAh Extended Life Battery users:

    Some users may experience less than optimal battery life when using the Seidio Innocell 2600/2800mAh Extended Life Battery. If you feel like you are experiencing rapid decrease as shown on the battery meter, or are seeing erratic battery life after restarting your Motorola Droid, please perform the following:

    1. Fully Charge the Battery After Each Drain -- Because our battery exceed the amount that the Droid's firmware can handle, you will need to charge it beyond 100% as your battery meter may suggest. Meaning that after your Droid "thinks" that is full, you need to leave it in there for an additional 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery.

    2. Rebooting -- You might find the battery meter reading 40-50% halfway through the day. If that is the case, you will need to restart the droid, once you do that, you will get an accurate reading on the meter. you will only need to do this once, because subsequent rebooting will give you consistent and accurate readings.

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