India centric travel application 'GatewaytoIndia'

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    Innovus Technologies pleased to announce the launch of our India centric travel application 'GatewaytoIndia'. The mobile app is currently available for Android devices, and will soon be available for Windows and IPhone as well. The GatewaytoIndia mobile app has been built to cater to the needs of Indian as well as International audiences. The app covers comprehensive details about 50 major cities across India.

    Highligths of the Application

    • Rich User Interface
    • Explore different facets of the 5000 year old civilization
    • Provides details about 50 major cities accross India.
    • Highlights Attractions in each of the cities.
    • Weather details (current and forecasted) is avaliable for each of the cities.
    • Top rated Hotels and Resaturant Information is available for each city.
    • Up-to-Date Traffic information is available for 3 major cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore) and other cities will be available soon.
    • Provides Details about Banks, ways to reach for each city.

    "Don't forget to download 'Gateway to India', "Explore India with GatewaytoIndia..."

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