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Discussion in 'ezeStand' started by Beka27, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I received my EzestandXL earlier this week. It is so simple... but it works perfectly, and that is what makes this stand brilliant.

    As I said in another thread, my husband has the $60 official Moto DX dock, (and it's really cool!) BUT he has to take his case off every night to put it on the dock, even tho he uses a relatively thin holster case.

    I have neither the patience nor the energy to wrestle off my case every night, so when I found the Ezestand I was really, really excited!

    I purchased the $16 bundle pack with the longer USB right angle cable, set everything up on the nightstand, and it's been wonderful. This has completely replaced my traditional alarm clock.

    The other great thing is since it's not attached to the stand, just resting on it, first thing in the morning, I can pick the phone up and check messages/email without having to wrestle it out of a tight-fitting dock.

    As I mentioned, this stand is SIMPLE. It does what it advertises perfectly, the construction is sound, and small details (like the padding to prevent slipping) add so much to the function of the stand. GREAT JOB!