INCREDIBLY overwhelmed by rooting - Help! S2

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    Hi all.
    I really want to root my Samsung Galaxy S2 (2.3.3), but i'm so overwhelmed at the amount of different ROMS, sources, resources, information and details out there, i don't know which one to follow. It's so frustrating! I have a couple of questions, i would be so extremely greatful if you could help answer them.

    1. Which ROM?: Like, seriously, which one do i have? I do not know the difference in any of them and what to look for in them. I heard 'VillainRom' or something is quite popular.
    2. Mac: I have a MacBook Pro, but apparently it's not possible to root on my Mac. I also have a family Windows Desktop upstairs, but i'm afraid that the root software on the desktop may attract viruses/slow it down.
    3. What the heck is a ROM? What happens when i root?: Let's say i've completed the rooting process, and i turn my phone on. What should i expect? Will it be some random black screen with complicated coding on it?
    4. Do i have to back up everything before i root it?
    5. What do i do if i've gone wrong during the process? Who do i talk to? What do i do? Do i reset it?
    6. Is it possible to destroy my phone, trying to root it? This S2 means a lot to me, wouldn't want anything to happen to it.
    7. Is there someone i could stay in contact to, through email or Whatsapp Messenger etc. to help me through this process? Kind of like my e-ambulance lol.
    8. What happens after it's rooted? Can i immediately start customizing it, just like that?

    After asking all these questions, i'm really put off by this rooting thing. But it looks so enjoyable being able to customize anything, and i'm sick of my battery dying so quickly!

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