Incredible vs Droid 1 battery life

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Incredible' started by alitke, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    Was recently offered a Droid Incredible for my Motorola Droid 1 by a guy who wanted the keyboard.

    I am running a rooted Droid 1 and getting at least 24 hours out of it every day with moderate usage. I use the phone for work with the wifi tether and what not every day and I do not want to end up with a phone that will not stand up.

    Just looking to see what everyone else is getting in terms of battery life and if wifi tether works well. I am also wondering if the ROMs for the Incredible at least rival that for the Droid 1. I know there are no where near as many roms but I just want to make sure I will not end up with a phone I cannot customize much.

    Thanks and I hope this is not a frequently asked question that I simply am over looking.