Incredible, some roms just wont boot.

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by Gangrif, May 13, 2011.

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    So, i've got my Incredible running CyanogenMod 7. Which is great, but i'd like to try out some other roms.

    I've got hboot 0.92.0, and ClockworkMod

    Backing up and flashing new roms is so easy, that i've tried a few roms, some of which worked, others however wont boot. They get me to the HTC boot screen (the white screen tht first comes up when you turn on the incredible) and things just hang. I have ti pull the batt, and restore from backup.

    Any idea why this happens? The most recent rom i've attempted to run is SkyRaider 4, which i see many reports that this is working on the incredible.

    I AM performing a full wipe when i do this btw. Just so that's clear.