Incredible demand = stock issues Wirefly still has-a-plenty!

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    For those who have been following the HTC Incredible madness major retailers (Amazon & even Verizon) are reporting about delayed shipping/stock issues. If you're looking to pull the trigger and didn't yet know about Wirefly here's your chance to get one shipped out same-day in most cases.

    Learn more about the Droid Incredible here:

    With BCB (Make $50 Bing cashback with any cell phone purchase) combined with our already great HTC Incredible price you can land yourself a sweet deal. For more info on our BCB program visit: Wirefly $50 Bing Cashback - Deals on Phones, netbooks, and wireless data cards w/ New Activations/ Contract Extension Upgrades - Forums

    Also note that with any hot phone launch, due to demand, our offers are subject to change.

    :greendroid: Terry @ Wirefly