Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt or Bionic

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    I want to get a new phone and am trying to figure out what I should get. I am on verizon network and am not in a lte area, so that doesn't really matter to much. I want a front facing camera to video chat.
    I think that the HTC's have a 1GHz 768MB RAM and see that the Bionic has a 1GHz dual with 512MB RAM. Don't know which one would be better on that case? I know that I would have to wait for the bionic so should I wait for it is another thing.
    I have a mac so I don't know if any of these phone will sync well with my computer. I have thought about the iphone but a lot of things I have read and heard seems like a android phone would be better.

    It anyone could help I would be grateful.
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