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    Hi Everyone !
    My name s Wilkynson and i m a Mini-Hacker from Ivory Coast !.
    Here im going to show you a Trick to accelerate your connection speed.
    1st : Go to yur phone a Create a new Vpn Network
    _choose the Vpn Network (eg:WilkynsonVpn).
    _Domain address :
    _User Name : free
    _Password : 1234
    2nd:Save this setting . Connect the vpn
    3rd : Go to your internet browser
    4th : type a sit you want to visit . you will see a*EULA* page .
    5th: click on the * I Agree* Button(wait 10 seconds)
    6th : star your torrent downloads
    Enjoy speed !
    (You can use this Vpn network to do everything to boost your internet connection or you can use it on your PC )

    Im looking for someone to help me to root my Alcatel 916 D !
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