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Discussion in 'ChevyNo1' started by BUFFALOMADMAN, Nov 1, 2010.


    I was just wondering if we could get some Incognito for this Rom. I know Yorks themes are off the hook but I feel as a SS user the thing we are missing from is choice for themes. I think Incognito would be good fit along with avolon whenever that comes out. I think this would put this rom out of reach from the rest. What does everyone else think?? I have this moto more themes the better!!dancedroid
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    That would be nice 2 have more theme options, I wish I had the time to put in to completely theme a rom but dunno about incognito tho b/c I've seen bgill answer to sum1 else that asked him to take on another rom, he's pretty busy w/ keeping it up-to-date on current projects which he has alot & I dunno if he'd allow sum1 to port it but u never know I think dark transparency just as good as anything

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