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    Ok, so my buddy who is always on these forums and changing roms on his phone etc talked me into rooting. I did the zr4 root downloaded superuser, rom manager and bootstrap everything worked and I backed up the phone and then ran gummy jar. Everything continued to work fine. This morning I wake up and the phone kept saying things like an error occurred while attempting to run privileged permissions. I tried to go and into rom manager and reboot the backup I made and it said my phone must be rooted in order to do it. Gummy jar runs fine still, the phone says im not rooted and superusers and rom manager disappeared off my apps list. It also will not let me root again using zr4. It says the download is failed everytime I try to. Can someone help me get my phone back to stock? Id like to get back to unrooted and factory settings so I can start all over again.
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