In-Call Proximity Sensor/Accelerometer

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    Hi All,

    I just switched to the latest BB after running CM6.1 for a while - and all in all I'm very happy. Seems to be much snappier and better-behaved in general.

    However, one feature that I would REALLY love to see is an option to toggle whether the accelerometer can turn on the UI while in-call, like you can on CM and some other ROMs. I know this has been discussed (to no avail) in the past; I just wanted to voice my strong support for that option. Having the ability to turn that off was the main reason I rooted in the first place, so I'm disappointed to lose that functionality after switching to Bugless. There's not some way to do this that I'm missing, is there?

    Also, on a related note - under Settings>Call Settings, why is "In-Call Touch UI" grayed out? I've done some Googling and was unable to come up with a reason. Is this setting relevant to my problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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