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Discussion in 'Sourcery ROM' started by gflam, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I have seen a few people comment about some issues which are changed to whatever u want in settings please read this since no one reads the change log :)

    Text color issues where text is hard to read
    In 2.0 u can set ur own custom colors for pretty much any text. This function is located in sourcery tweaks> user interface tweaks

    Can't download themes, kernels, animations etc
    I've seen this one a lot as well if u can't get themes, kernels animations etc to install ur problem is most likely because usb debugging is off. The easiest way to turn this on is to plug ur usb into the computer pull the notification bar down and select the usb debugging and then in the next window check usb debugging

    Alarm clock and call log issues (Custom/removing backgrounds)
    Sourcery rom 2.0 allows u to remove the backgrounds as well as set ur own custom backgrounds. If u want ur clock and call log issues fixed. U may also fix both those issues and have a custom solid background by placing a 5x5 solid color image named background_dark.jpg at /sdcard/background.
    To do the above open sourcery commands and press to remove the backgrounds or once ur image is at /sdcard/background/background_dark.jpg press to install background.

    Make your own kernel (choose all 7 slots)
    2.0 also features a make ur own kernel where u can select all 7 speeds and voltages. Make sure not to set at boot until u have tested ur speeds and voltages and are comfident they work. U will be provided with all the necessary information u need to make educated decisions on ur voltages.

    I will add more to this in the morning as well as, as it is needed.

    Addition By eagle1967----PUSH NOTIFICATIONS- we have had over 1200 downloads but approx 85 people getting the push notifications. We dont know who or anything it just shows us how many were sent when we send out a message. This is an important part of the rom and our support image we are providing. I suggest you do sign up for push notifications so you can get the latest info regarding sourcery.
    this is in magic setings 2nd tab down. Not needed for function of the rom but you will miss out on the latest Sourcery info as some things are only sent out via push messages for small updates and such.
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