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    Hi guys,

    Big thanks to the Liberty crew! Long time Apex user and decided to try it out. Now I'm migrating all my stuff as this will be my primary ROM.

    I've noticed something that I'm not sure if it is an issue I caused or if this is normal. Under "Accounts & sync" in settings I only see a way to add Skype, Twitter, Corporate, and Gmail account types.

    How can I get IMAP email accounts in there as well (or Facebook for contact syncing)?

    When searching I for an IMAP solution regarding Liberty I see issues relating to Yahoo, but I can't even find the area where I can enter IMAP information in to the phone. I assumed that I needed to restore "Universal Inbox" from Titanium, but that doesn't seem to work (it won't let me restore it). I did try to restore some Blur stuff when I was restoring my apps.

    Any pointers about what I did wrong or how to resolve this would be awesome.

    Also, I can't say it enough: Awesome ROM!
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