Image in phone memory can't be deleted

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    Somehow an image of mine was placed in the phone's device memory (not the card) when my stuff was transfered from my Voyager to my new Droid.

    I know it's in the Phone memory because I removed the SD CARD and it was the only image that remained in the gallery.

    I can't figure out where it is or how to delete it.

    When I open the gallery, the image seems to be in a folder called "My Pictures". When I open the image and select menu I get only two options (Share and More). For other images I get a third option (delete) but not on this one.

    I've installed AndExplorer and tried to find the image .jpg or anything called "My Pictures" but I can't.

    Any thoughts?

    does AndExplorer have a search funtion? (I haven't found if it's there)


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