Image artefacts in very very low light.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by Gemdog, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Not entirely sure how to describe the issue here, but here goes...

    Bought the phone outright day of release, hadn't been put on display yet, girl in the store had a evil grin when I asked for it by name "you wanna see it don't ya...". Left the store with it. (Australian btw)

    I've noticed that in low low light situations (ie when I get a text when I'm in bed, or in the cinema room) there is a visible square outline just above the back button, where the black is jet-black as opposed to just a black image. Almost as if there is a chip is pushing on the back of the LCD. It's a bit easier to tell on full brightness. In normal or dull light, you can't see it at all. (which means I've got buckleys to none of proving it to a store...)

    I see it, which annoys me. Trying to show it to one of the HTC fans at work, can't see it under the fluro lights at all.

    As far as the rest of the phone goes, utterly flawless, makes the iPhone4S' at work look cheap, I don't want to give this phone up.

    Perhaps I just have high standards, or suck with phones. I bought a Milestone, returned a week later because the camera was pinkish, Xperia X8, one week and the back case creaked when you held it.
    The Razr feels solid, decadent, I don't want to return it.

    has anyone else noticed this at all? Its one of those things you only notice by chance.
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