I'm so excited....

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    In the spaces between.
    I'll 'prolly be sportin' a chubby when the FedEx driver delivers my Droid X.
    I hope he/she doesn't get the wrong idea.

    I am brand new to the whole Android deally. I've been "forced" to get a Android phone for work so that I can enter data from the field, and they can get it real-time, or close to real-time.
    Really, it's not like they had to twist my arm. I've been looking for an excuse, any excuse, to pull the trigger and upgrade my nearly 4 year old feature phone purchased from Alltel. And the fact that I will be able to to write off the data plan as an expense is a sweet bonus.

    I digress...
    I imagine that I will have it for like 6 days before I root it, and start playing with ROMs.
    Soooo many questions, please feel free to respond w/ RTFM if you so desire. I won't mind.

    1) I run Linux (Mint Debian Edition) and noticed that most instructions are for Windows. Any reason I should install a Windows VM? I figured that because the SDK is avilable for Linux I'd be ok. I never know about these hardware vendors tho.

    2)When it arrives, I assume I'll have to upgrade it to Froyo. Do y'all recommend Froyo from an over the air update, or from a custom ROM? Or am I misunderstanding that?

    C)The company that I will be doing this work for has developed it's own app that I will be using. Any reason why that app wouldn't work on a custom ROM?

    And heres the $10,000.00 question...

    D) I am unable to find an app that will fill out interactive PDF forms. My google searches turn up crappy results (year old posts, warez and pdf software for everything EXCEPT Android solutions). Failing a proper app, will this web-based solution work on the X ? PDFescape

    5)How 'bout them development tools? I already poke around with Eclipse (php, python, tcl/tk) and will be installing the Android SDK and learning some Java. Any other development bits or baubles you folks might recommend?

    Thanks in advance...
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    I have an answer for question 2 only.

    You must do the update from motorola. This will put you at 2.2.1 or system version 2.3.340. Once you get there, start looking at the newer ROMs on these forums ay you MUST use a ROM built for version 2.3.340 as anything else well mess up your phone and you will have to SBF.

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