im a little bit confused about porting devices ... need some help

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    hey everyone, this is my first post here so wish to be welcome from you all friends [​IMG]

    i like my phone to be always secure so i tried always to not use the stock rom that contains the Gapps ... and after further searchs i found that thers is many projects that dont even use android as OS and that they use Linux distributions or things like that ... i have a tablet samsung SM-T113 and another one SM-T116 both of them have different processors and both of them are not supported by Lineage OS or another Mobile OS ... so isearched the internet in ways to make a support or to compile a Lineage OS for this Tablets but when i searched about that i was too confused i know that the process is called Porting a device but i could not get it ... i think that all my problems is in providing Drivers of this Tablets that will permit to the OS to talk to the hardware but im too confused about that .. sooo could someone just jumpstart my process and give me a hand and a help in this ... i past too many times in searching and every time im confused more

    im using Debian as a OS so im used to Linux and shell scripting ... i know how to program in Python and i know many things in networking ... but when i came to this topic i found my self a noob [​IMG]
    sooo wish that i will find a way in droidforums ... Thx