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    Alright, so I've just recently mustered up the courage to root my Droid X, and had no problem doing so with Z4. As you probably would have guessed, I'm fairly new to the world of hacking Droids, even though I've had my Droid X since day one of its release. Anyways, the main reason I rooted my phone was to use up the internal memory that is so underused (around 5GB left internally, to be precise), and yet my 16GB SD card is full (yes, I have 8.7GB of music on there, as well as a lot of data from various games and roms, being that PSX ISO's are quite heavy in size).

    So, my main question is, how do I go about using this internal memory? My phone's rooted, I've installed Root Explorer as well as Android Commander/Droid Explorer for the PC, and I've also installed Busybox (yet I don't know much about it; installing the latter PC programs required it).

    What I'd like to be able to at least do is run PSX ISO's off the internal storage. I've been able to place other emulator Roms on the internal memory (GBA for example), and have had no problems locating and running them. However, when I try to copy over a PSX ISO (which is MUCH larger than a standard Rom) with Root Explorer, my phone will start the process of pasting/moving, then eventually freeze and go into that whole lock-up phase where it takes near forever to turn the screen on, and of course the eventual battery pull to start the phone back up. I figured that the files are too large for the phone to transfer over.

    I tried to accomplish the same task with my computer using Android Commander and Droid Explorer, however neither allow me to truly place the file. It'll tell me that it's pasting it, but it doesn't actually show up on the program or on my phone (and the internal space hasn't changed, so it seems like it never transferred). I've read somewhere that all internal storage has to be placed in /data, but I can't do that on one of the computer programs because it won't let me actually see what's inside /data or place anything in it. I'm able to view /data through Root Explorer on the phone, but it doesn't help if the phone just freezes while pasting.

    Anyways, my main questions are as follows:
    - Is there a way to place large files onto my internal storage? Can I do that physically on the phone without it freezing, or is there a way to do that on my PC?
    - Is it possible to view /data from a PC program like Android Commander or Droid Explorer?
    - What folders in the internal memory can extraneous data be placed in? Is it only /data, or are there other r/w folders?
    - I've read that you can't load music off internal storage. Is this true, and if not, how can you go about doing so?
    - Is there a way to load app data off internal storage? By that I mean, would I be able to take data from Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter, as an example, which is normally saved onto the SD card, and load it from internal memory instead?

    And I'd appreciate any other tips on conserving/utilizing memory without just deleting what I'm hopeful of keeping. Thanks in advance to anyone so kind to help.
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