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    Does anyone know about iGO primo gps software? It is available for Android but the web site does not offer the opportunity to get it. I am not sure if it is shareware; some places say it is. It is available as a torrent and one that I found is about 1.5 GB. I suppose it is worth using if it has all maps I will ever need. I would prefer to have maps for just my area but I will take all the USA if necessary. One thing that is not clear is what is the file that I download; many torrents are not clear about what the file is that are to be downloaded.

    One thing I am not sure of is whether I can download to my desktop then transfer to my Droid X using the USB connection. I am not going to pay to download directly to my Droid X using 3G. I assume I could find a torrents client for Android and download using WiFi but for 1.5 GB it is better to use a wired connection if possible.
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