If you really like Angry Birds ...

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    Why not play it on your PC or Netbook? :)

    Intel AppUp(SM) Center

    Not only will you enjoy it on your larger screen, but you may install it to up to 4 systems!

    The app started for free, is currently $4.99, but will be going to $9.99 at some point.

    $4.99 to get it on 4 systems, not bad IMO.

    Only thing I have found is I have yet to figure out how to get the bonus egg on the first levels, I click on the treasure chest, but nothing happens ...

    For those who do it, enjoy!

    I found it to be great fun to be running it on my WS laptop and having Droiders (or Iphoners) in general going "WTF? How did you do that? !" :)
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