If There Are Too Many Options For You In MotoMaker Try The MotoX Randomizer!

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    If you are a member of the Android Rot and Rom community then customizing your device and making it your own is not a new thing for you. Many average phone users are beginning to get a taste of the custom experience with MotoMaker. MotoMaker is the ultimate experience in customizing the outward appearance of your Moto X, but their are enough options to overwhelm you. If you are like me the more options you have the more time it takes to make a decision especially if you consider the fact that you may very well be stuck with this device for the next 2 years!

    Motorola feels your pain. They have just released the Moto X Randomizer. This gives you an easy option. You can let the randomizer choose the look of your new Moto X for you! Noting is set in stone. They give you an option on the first page load and you can either click LOVE IT to order or NAH to see another randomized option. Now is as good a time as any to order your Moto X considering they are $70 off until Valentines day! Check out the Moto X Randomizer below.

    Via randommoto.me
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