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    I have an idea, and I wish I could implement it myself, but I know nothing about writing programs and ZERO time. So, if anybody has the resources, here goes.....

    I came across this problem. I LOVE Crazy Home...except one small little issue. I have to use one of several various shortcuts to see my notifications, and the notification bar at the top of the screen does not exist in crazy home.

    The bar being gone is bittersweet... It makes all the home screens look much cleaner (more roomy), but I'm constantly having to open the notifications to see if I missed something while away from the phone.

    So my thought was, it would be great to have a "notifications" widget. Something that I can place on one of the home screens that would list ALL my notifications just as the notification bar does. eg. downloads, txts, emails, game notifications.

    Seems to me like it would be simple to implement...somehow forward the notification bar to a widget I mean, but after searching for something similar, it seems all the widgets with notifications are app specific.