ICS issues, also: 3g, emails in one place, view notifications

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by jmurra, Jul 1, 2012.

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    received ICS during the night, to date I have not found solutions to:

    I want to manually drop to 3G when I am outside the metro area, which is most of the time. I could do that with the former software, now it seems the only choices are Global or 3/4G. any help?

    I used to have all emails in one folder down on the bottom home "screen" with the old software. click on the icon and all email accounts would pop up with a number of unopened emails. Now I can't find how to display more than one email account with that icon.

    With notifications in the extreme upper bar, I used to be able to tap the lower left soft key and then the word notifications popped up. Now I can't find how to easily view or open any notifications.

    Other than the loss of some funtional features, I haven't seen any advances yet in my use of ICS for 5 hours.

    Help woud sure be appreciated.
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