{Icon Themes} MIUIWiz 5.27.11

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    All credit goes to nitsuj17 and any1 else involved in the project over at XDA...

    Orig link: {Icon Themes} MIUIWiz 5.27.11 - xda-developers

    [​IMG] {Icon Themes} MIUIWiz 5.27.11
    Here are some icon themes for MIUIwiz, courtesy of andmer...flash them in cwr...we will add more in this thread...or feel free to contribute your own! (we ll link them in here)

    if you find a particular icon set you would like added/made into a flashable zip link it here too....icons should be at least 96x96 but ideally not greater than 128x128

    I will post any framework themes for MIUIwiz in this thread too [​IMG]

    ***Fix for auto-rotate issues after flash*** (thanks strictlyphat!!!)
    Go to data/system and delete ms3c_yamaha.cfg
    Go to settings.display. turn auto rotate off and back out to home screen.
    Go back to settings and turn auto rotate back on.

    Icon Themes:

    IPhone Icons: MIUIWiz.iphone.theme.zip


    Rounded Icons: MIUIWiz.round.theme.zip


    Return to Stock MIUIwiz Icons: MIUIWiz.default.theme.zip

    user submissions:


    HTC Sense MIUI (og by llxiang26)


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