Ice Cream Sandwich for Droid BIonic [Alpha Build] now Available

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    [h=1]Ice Cream Sandwich for Droid BIonic [Alpha Build] now Availabl[/h] Comments 107 Views

    [​IMG] Now that the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich has been made available for developers, it should come as no surprise that custom ROMs are already in the works. Today we've got great news from rootzwiki, thanks to the work of dhacker29. Droid Bionic owners can now get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich! So how can you get it?

    Before you go downloading, there are some things you should be made aware of.
    • This is an alpha build. There are things that work, and some that don't. The developer notes the following about this release:
    What works:
    Graphics working smooth now
    Adb is working so we can track the rest
    Capacitive buttons
    Charging indicator
    SDCard External
    Builtin Screenshot
    Reboot menu

    Working wifi and phone/data-Getting closer
    SDCard Internal to mount
    • This has only been booted in SafeStrap for the Bionic. It should not be used in any other custom recovery, such as Clockwork.
    • Any questions, troubleshooting, and for instructions on installation, please reference the original thread. This will help us keep a single location for all of this information.
    Things You'll Need:
    Once you have these items you can start the process. Due to the changing nature of this port, we will not post instructions here on how to install. Please reference the original thread for help on installation, as these things have a way of changing rather quickly in this stage.

    All credit goes to the developer dhacker29 for his hard work