Ice Cream Sandwich and my Battery

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    Hey all,

    So when Ice Cream Sandwich came out for my Rezound I downloaded it and went through my settings to make sure none of the battery hog settings changed. Some did and I reset those to cut down on power consumption. I use to be able to go about 12 hours or so on one full charge with about 2-3 hours filled with internet usage. Now I can't go a single 8 hour period without my phone dying. I checked through the power usage and over 90% of it is going to the screen and back light (I have my brightness set and not to auto). Anyone have a full list of things I can turn off in case I missed something? I don't want to root my phone if I don't have to either even though I know that should be the biggest help. What is it about the new OS that makes it eat so much more power?

    Thanks all!
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