I rode the lighting...got burned.

Discussion in 'Samsung Droid Charge' started by vg1004, Jun 12, 2011.

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    For those of you frustrated with your TB I can understand. When VZW got the DINC I didnt feel left behind anymore. I beat that phone, dropped it in the water, rooted it, loved it...then the TB came and I had to have it. Mostly for the screen size and slightly better performance. I am from Maine and I wasnt counting on LTE for a while.
    So the love affair started and once the honeymoon was over...you get the drift.

    So I complained and got a new TB, same problems, complained some more and got the Charge.

    What I most feared was loosing SenseUI. But the following tweaks gives me a phone that I love just as much as my TB but without the probs.

    Launcher Pro Plus, Dialer One, Flashlight.

    Short list I know but these make it comparable to my experience with Sense. I still havent found a Weather/Clock widget I like yet though.

    So here is my over all experiences so far.

    Screen as you know is amazing, I can actually see it outside. Battery is a lot better. GPS and Nav work much faster, swype and the stock keyboard i really like, screen rotation is super fast.

    No data while on a call (this sucks),hard buttons, speaker performance but the TB wasnt that great, photos seem a little grainy(havent taken a lot), no kick stand but my case has one, very light in a way that doesnt allow you to cradle so your thumb cramps?? No FM radio.

    Overall I am very happy with the phone and dont feel I traded down. I use the phone for my business and rely on it primarily for calls, maps, nav, gmail, calendar. I think HTC can build better phones than it did with the TB but for me the Charge is reliable and consistent, for now lol.

    When HTC makes another phone with a 4.3" (5" and I will love them forever) screen or larger I will likely buy it. The HTC feels like a better built phone they just need to work out the bugs first.
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    Try fancy widget. It resembles sense clock.

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    beautiful widgets is identical.