I really need help with root & 4.7.3 update on Droid Pro

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    Let me begin with tellin you that I am just so stupid with phones!..Well, I rooted my phone a while back, I have no idea how I did it bc I tried to do it 100 different ways within an hour & one of em ended up workin but Idk which one. Yes I know now how stupid that was...Anyway, the 4.7.3 update came out 2-3 wks ago but the install continues to fail, I assume bc of the root. Also I read that the update claimed that it solved the issue with the keypad background going dark & the device immediately turnin back on after shuttin down. I swear, I NEVER EVER had neither issue prior to trying to install the update, even tho it failed. I know it sounds ridiculous but I have no doubt whatsoever that it brought on those issues. Ok now for my question, can anyone explain how to unroot my phone to install the update, then reroot it? I apologize, I need someone to take me by the hand & walk me thru it like Im a child, so I understand if no one wants to, really ;) Thanks for your time tho
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