I Promise; No ‘Yo Mama’ Jokes In This Review

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    And believe me; It’s not going to be easy. Any way… Time for a new Icon pack: Yoma! This is actually the first set of icons, ever, from John Xionidis. We’ve looked at some of John’s other work before, you can find Cliff’s post about it here. Now, he’s back with something new for us to take a look at.

    Icons are a departure from the other work we’ve seen from John. His previous Play Store submissions have all been Theme Chooser themes. I would describe them as a more polished version of the stock Android Theme. Many of them using vibrant colors and clean lines, adding a little polish to the Quick Tiles, nothing really over the top, just good looking themes. With that in mind, his first icon pack comes to us just as vibrant and as clean, as those themes.

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