I need help with Asurion (corporate numbers, emails, escalation path, etc)

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    So I got my replacement phone from insurance about a month and a half ago after dropping it in the toilet. It was a refurb but it was in good condition so I didn't mind very much. Since then though, the glue that holds the keyboard has started to come off, just like it did on my last phone, which makes it much harder to type and also makes a weird clicking noise every time I type anything. On top of this, today I found out the headphone jack doesn't work at all. So I called them up today and told them about my problems. The first thing she told me today was that my phone was covered under a one year warranty as long as it wasn't damaged. I explained to her the issues I was having and she put me on hold for a minute only to come back to the phone to tell me that due to the "physical damage" to the phone that my warranty was voided. I explained to her that the only "physical damage" was due to normal wear and tear on the phone, and that had nothing to do with the headphone jack not working. After debating with this woman for about five more mminutes I hung up on her. I've read on these forums about people having similar issues and escalating it to higher powers that would actually help, so i'm asking for anyone who has had a similar issue to help me out here and tell me what they did to get their issuissues resolved. Any other advice isis appreciated as well. I would just call back in and not mention the keyboard but I'm betting she left notes on my account. Thanks in advance.
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