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    I've been reading a lot and I've seen a lot of things that u could with a rooted droid..its actually pretty amazing
    So I've been trying to root my droid for 2 days now here's my info

    2.1 stock ota
    Sbf sprecovery is installed
    Superuser permission app is in app drawer
    Android terminal emulator installed

    I typed in su into the terminal emulator and it didn't work "access denied" or something of that sort was a return action I got from that..I know I'm supposed to get a # to show that I'm rooted. I even did another check to make sure I knew something was wrong and that I wasn't rooted which was use the "set cpu" app I really want to have my droid rooted and run at 1.3ghz wit bugless beast by pete..which I hear is 1 of the best roms out there right now

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make my droid rooted and install bugless beast..I've read the other forum threads I just can't seem to find my problem
    I even tried rom manager and droid root helper