I love my Droid but it doesn't love me back.

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    Hi, 62 years old and a newbie, how's that. I have had my Droid (just plain Droid) for almost a year now. It has proved to be wonderful on the web, wonderful for texting and messaging but its phone properties suck. It has dropped calls from the start. Now that I discovered 3 days ago the "Mute" while on a call I wondered what would happen where all of a sudden my callees couldn't hear me but I could sure hear them cussing me up one side and down the other for that "?/?/?/?/" Droid phone! But as I say, I found out that I was pushing the Mute button that I didn't even know was there. But the dropped calls started slowly and have been gaining to the point of 6-8 callbacks in a 1/2 hour call. This 1/2 hour call is my only call of the day so I sure would like to hear. It either goes to a blank screen, the screen that shows my apps or it goes completely off where I have to unlock to get back on the phone. Why? I would just like to make a phone call. Isn't that the reason to have a phone, not for a computer, not for a messaging machine but as a phone, that one inconceivable convenience that we all must have to live our lives these days. I may just go back to my G'One that I had before. At least it knew it was a phone who just happened to be able to get web and text. Help me out here. I really am about ready to get rid of this Droid if I can't figure something out to do.
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