I lost album artwork on app

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    Get lost album art on phone

    ANSWER!!!! I found this app. Download it. It is called: Album Art Grabber. You just need that. Access it, then push the "Grab" button and let it do that magic. Random songs not tagged properly and fails to have art? Not a problem. Just find the art manually (like the Photobucket app), download it to SD card, access app again, click file, and add from SD card. Might be wiser to obtain all art first or end up doing what I did and find art, access app, find art, access app. I just realized that typing this up.

    I was downloading music from YouTube to my PC, to my phone. Upon adding, or at least the last sync, I somehow lost the album artwork on the My Music app that was pre installed on my DROID RAZR.

    Is there anyway of getting it back? Complete programs I used were; iTunes and youtube-mp3. PC system is Windows XP.

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