I have so many questions-where do I start.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by hcbch, Mar 2, 2012.

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    most important to me is and I have asked this one before but unsure if I asked in the right way cause answer was not clear to me.

    how do I move my gmail accounts,contacts,and applications from my optimus vm670 to my Razr? please
    answer like you are talking to an idiot because that's how I feel that I am on this subject.

    second one would be: is there a quick and easy way to post a question?

    next would be if I want to ask anybody and everybody a question, what do I put in the section that asked who I'm sending it to?

    thank you,hcbch
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    great questions for a new razor owner, and welcome to the forum.

    I can tell you that for my experience when receiving my razor the first time it was pretty much automatic, in that the phone makes you sign up your gmail account in order to activate it. Once that is done, your contacts should sync over automatically as long as you've given it to the correct choices in the options.

    Moving over applications is a bit trickier. with my earlier Droid, it was pretty much automatic. As soon as I had logged into the gmail account and registered it with the phone, the applications just started downloading and populating automatically. however I found with the razor its hit or miss.Sometimes when I setup the razor, and I've done it several times, the applications download just like I would expect them to. Other times I found it downloaded some of the applications but not all of them, and sometimes it downloaded nothing.

    You can always go to the market and select the option under menu for My apps. Once in that section you can see the list of applications, you can click on each, 1 at a time, choose to install them, and then click the back button to take you back to the list and do the next 1.

    And as far as posting questions to the forum and getting to the largest audience, you've done that perfectly.

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