I have one major complaint

Discussion in 'Project Elite' started by altimax98, Jan 31, 2011.

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    This rom is perfect. in almost every way, all i can say is its perfect. I wanted a BIONIC... now I could care less.. Heck I even bought my wife a Incredible with my upgrade (before jan 16 dancedroid ) because i was so satisfied with my D1. Your rom is so smooth and fast and crash free and just perfect that I havent rom'ed my phone in almost two weeks, and thats a record for me....

    Youve made me want a tablet now, Im going to be buying a Nook Color when my local store gets them back in stock in two weeks. That way I will have a device to play with and rom, and root...... so you will be hearing from my lawyers... and my wife lol..

    Thanks for such an awesome rom, that Ive completely forgotten my phone is over a year old and getting rid of that 'new phone' itch.