I have kind of a weird missed call question

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    I'm on the OTA 2.1 for Motorola Droid that just came down, and today I heard something on my phone for which I cannot find a setting.

    I was sitting at the table doing some after hours work for the office with my phone in my pocket and I could have sworn that I heard the same irritating lady talking to me as I used to on my Blackberry 8830 for voice dialing. But, I thought I heard "you've missed a call."

    I pull my phone out, and sure enough, I'd missed a call from my mother. I go through the notification drop-down and acknowledged the missed call, but I cannot find where to disable or alter this notification.

    I'm also using Google Voice, and I cannot find such an option within that application, either.

    So, my question is this. Am I nucking futs, or is there a spoken missed call notice in 2.1 that I can't fiddle with?

    Thanks for your help and patience.

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